Timetracker for Jira Data Center and the benefits 

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Many teams choose Atlassian server products because they want or need control over their data and infrastructure. But did you know Atlassian offers another option for you to deploy on your own infrastructure?

The alternative is the Data Center, which provides the same functionality as the server products, but has additional capabilities to better serve enterprise organizations.  

When should you consider upgrading to Data Center? 

Jira Data Center is built for growing or maturing enterprise organizations. It is specifically designed for high availability and performance at scale. Data Center instances run on multiple servers or nodes, and point back to a single relational database. 

In short, You should consider moving to Data Center when you have more than 500-1000 users, need more performance and less downtime.

However, Jira Data Center has other benefits:

  • Active-active clustering, built-in disaster recovery, and zero-downtime upgrades. 
  • Administrative tools to make Jira more performant and readable.
  • Security and control, like SAML single sign-on. 
  • Deployable on AWS or Azure.

If you need a time tracking app for your Jira Data Center, we've got your back! 

On the 10th of December 2019, our Timetracker app has been approved for Jira Data Center.

We are really proud of this because to become Data Center approved, the Atlassian Marketplace vendors must build and test their apps to meet the new approval standards, and submit all test results to Atlassian for review prior to earning the designation of “Data Center approved app.”

There are three parts to the validation process:

  • Completing a 150+ question architectural review
  • Provide an escalation process for Data Center customers to be able to quickly resolve issues
  • Completing a testing process to trial apps in an environment that simulates a large scale Data Center instance

We are happy to tell you that Timetracker for Data Center is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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