How different types of teams use Epic Roadmap? 

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Epic Roadmap is a next-gen like roadmap solution for Jira Software Server & Data Center. It can help you to build your high-level overview of your project’s goals easily. Create, manage and visualize your project’s Epics and keep your teammates on the same page. This app is designed to be light-weighted, easily understandable so you don’t have to read documentation and manuals for days to create your project plan. Epic Roadmap contains just as much as you need!

Product/Project Managers 

It can be hard for product and project managers to plan their roadmap. If there are a lot of tasks, prioritizing them and seeing the big picture (which issue blocks, depends, affects what) can be a nightmare! By visualizing your roadmap can help you in planning and also in presenting it for your team and for your managers. This way your project will be fully transparent within your organization and understand your idea and provide you feedback. Just as one of our customers said: ‘This app is the answer to your PM prayers!’

Software Teams 

Developers might struggle sometimes to see the big picture in a project as they are working mostly on smaller issues at a time. Providing an easily accessible and understandable roadmap with Epic Roadmap for your development team can help the team identify with the project and increase individual motivation. Developers can also have great ideas on how to solve problems but without access to the larger goal, they aren’t able to offer those valuable suggestions.

Marketing Teams 

The marketing team collaborates with a lot of other departments. For example, the Software Team where they send customer feedback or with finance to discuss how much budget they get for a campaign, and so on. They also have a lot of different platforms to follow and edit. Needless to say, sometimes it is hard to focus on what tasks are pending on who. This is where Epic Roadmap can come in handy. A roadmap to each funnel can clarify how the teams connect with each other and which tasks can be done simultaneously and which not.

Team Leaders 

No need to say, that team leaders are the busiest people within a company as they have to connect the teams together. They require all the necessary information to make their decision. A well visualized and understandable project roadmap can get their attention easily as it provides just the right amount of information they need for decision making. Not more, not less. Also, it will show that the manager of the project is thought about the whole lifecycle so they will feel that the project is in the right hands. A well put presentation where you include a roadmap planned with Epic Roadmap will ensure your success!


If you want to have an app that you can set up and get familiar with easily that includes only just the necessary features to help you to build your roadmaps from Epic then Epic Roadmap is the right choice for you! It is available for Jira Server & Data Center.

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