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We’ve revised the pricing of our Timetracker app, and we have good news for our users: we could lower the prices of several user tiers for the Cloud instance.

This change follows our price update of February 2022 when we announced [link a social posztra] that Timetracker joined Atlassian’s “Cloud apps free up to 10 users” program, designed to help small teams.

The current update is aimed at medium and large enterprises. Upon inspection of common license tiers of these businesses in our user base, we’ve decided to lower the per-user prices in the following team sizes:

Prices table 2022 Timetracker Cloud

The price change is effective immediately. The prices on the Server and Data Center platforms remain the same.

Apart from leaving money at our users, we also have a secondary goal with these changes. The new Cloud prices are now matching closer the prices of the Server and Data Center. Atlassian will stop supporting its Server products in 2024 and disallow new app purchases after February 2023, so companies thinking about migrating to Cloud can rest assured knowing their Timetracker cost won’t increase in the new platform.

There are official Atlassian programs to help businesses in the migration process, and EverIT provides an additional 5% discount for both annual and monthly (for up to 12 months) subscriptions to our existing user base. So if you are a Timetracker Server user, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to claim your discount! The promotion runs until the end of 2022.

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