EverIT Goes ACE - The (First?) Berlin Excursion

August marked a milestone in our company’s journey – for the very first time, we had the privilege of being sponsors at an Atlassian Community Event.

The Atlassian community is a diverse and vibrant group of professionals, all connected by their passion for Atlassian products like Jira, Confluence, and Trello. These community events offer a unique opportunity for individuals and companies to come together, exchange ideas, deepen their knowledge, and form lasting relationships.

EverIT at Berlin ACE 2023 August Edition


Months before the event, our team was buzzing with excitement. I (Dániel Ballabas, EverIT’s marketing manager) have been an active member of the Berlin ACE group for a while now, while others have attended similar meetups in Budapest, so we had some ideas on what to expect (friendly faces, first of all), and what realistic goals we could achieve by the participation: beyond brand visibility, we aimed to gather feedback, understand the pain points of Atlassian users, and explore potential collaborations with other Atlassian partners.

To make sure we could achieve all of this, we went with a team of 3 people. To support me, Ferenc Molnár, our General Manager and Co-Founder, and Béla Hegyesi, a member of our Atlassian Consulting team traveled to Berlin on the eve of the event. Spending the day together leading up to the ACE served as a team-building exercise for us, and let me calm my nerves before giving our Lightning Talk presentation.

The Event

One of the nicest things about the Berlin ACEs is that the location is always changing (or at least they have been since I’m attending them), so it provides an extra excuse for me to explore Berlin. We chose to be hosts this time as well as sponsors, which meant that, in lieu of having an office in Berlin, we had to look for Event Spaces we could book for the event. Luckily, the ACE organizers (Kudos to Astrid, Hubert, and Kathryn!) helped with that, and the venue we found, Liane was amazing: a real oasis hiding in a rusty zone near Karl Marx Strasse, Neuköln.

We were privileged to present a session of our own, sharing our expertise in a particular niche of the Atlassian ecosystem. Due to lucky last-minute changes, I also got the chance to go first, which significantly improved my enjoyment of the rest of the night. :slight_smile: My topic, in connection to our most prominent app being a time tracking tool (link) on the Atlassian Marketplace, was in connection to app-specific tech debt, namely what happens to your time tracking data (worklogs and all other) if you decide to change between different time-tracking providers in Jira, either during the migration to Cloud, or just for other, namely cost-efficiency reasons.

I didn’t know it before, but it was a lucky coincidence that our topic also connected to the talks of the other Atlassian Marketplace partners who showcased their inventive solutions. One way or the other, migration to Cloud is a very hot topic, and we have all touched upon it. Max from K15t enlightened us on their lessons learned from moving their apps’ documentation pages into the Cloud version of their Scroll app. Alex and Fabian from the Exply app talked about the technology behind this new exciting reporting tool, and Phil from Adaptavist showed us what new things can we expect in Scriptrunner, both in Cloud and DC. The wide array of topics coming up at these events is a testament to the endless possibilities within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Looking to the Future

As the event came to a close, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude. We had achieved our goals and more. But beyond the metrics, what truly stood out was the sense of community, which culminated in about half of the group staying together and moving to another place for an improvised afterparty because we all wanted to keep the conversations going.

So our first experience as sponsors at an ACE was a significant milestone that enriched our company culture, expanded our horizons, and reinforced our belief in the power of this incredible community and collaboration.

We are filled with excitement for the future. We look forward to many more such adventures with the Atlassian community and to making a lasting impact in the world of Atlassian products. Follow us on Linkedin for upcoming news and announcements.

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