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Timetracker for JIRA brings powerful reporting options to help you analyze your team’s work.This app also provides an easy and fast solution for effective daily time tracking. Manage worklogs on a highly customizable, simple app, designed for effective daily time tracking.

Epic Roadmap 

Build your project roadmap, visualize and manage your Epics in a timeline. With the help of Epic Roadmap, you can easily build your high-level overview of your project’s goals. Create, manage and visualize your project’s Epics, and keep your teammates on the same page.

The image and logo of the Epic Roadmap app
The logo of the Epic Roadmap app
The logo of the Issue Score app

Issue Score 

Calculate what to build next. Plan, rate and prioritize features, and deliver more value to your customers with each release. Issue Score for JIRA will help you build a product pipeline with prioritized features based on your key business metrics.
This app provides an easy to configure custom field, which you can assign to any Product, Project or Issue to help Product and Project Managers make better decisions.

Worklog Query 

Retrieve time tracking data in JSON format via a RESTful service. Worklog Query Plugin for Jira enabling its users to run worklog queries and apply parameters on these queries through RESTful services.

Background and the logo of the Worklog Query Atlassian app
The icon of the Worklog Query Atlassian app

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