Atlassian Consulting 

Millions of users using Atlassian products every day to improve software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.  We are committed to these Atlassian products and our Atlassian Consulting team helps organizations managing business processes and supports them to work effectively.

What we Offer 

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Solutions Made Simple 

If you want an Atlassian product immediately usable and adapted to your needs, we provide the seamless introduction of Atlassian products. We help you to configure the system and we will give the knowledge to you to get started.
Do not get lost in the workflows, permissions and custom fields.
Our Atlassian Consulting team helps you to get to know all features and tricks that you need.

Trust Our Experience 

Our Atlassian consulting team has a wide knowledge of the existing apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. If there is no app that fulfills your requirements, we will develop a custom app for you. We have many years of experience in agile software development and in building apps for Atlassian products.

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Member of the 

Atlassian Community 

We are in partnership with many vendors. We believe that the members of the Atlassian Community are not competitors but family members. All of us aims only one goal, find the perfect solution for our customers. Of course, our solution is not the best for everyone that is why we want to collaborate and cooperate with as many Atlassian consulting companies as possible. If we all are aware of numerous applications we can advise and do our job much better.

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