Issue Score 

Calculate what to build next. Plan, rate and prioritize features and deliver more value to your customers with each release.
Issue Score for JIRA will help you to build a product pipeline with prioritized features based on your key business metrics.
This app provides an easy to configure custom field, what you can assign to any Product,
Project or Issue to help Product/Project Managers make better decisions.
Available for Jira Server and Data Center.

See the Score of the

Issue immediately 

This plugin adds a custom field type that allows you to immediately see the score value of your Issues on the Issue screen. The score will be calculated based on the configured equation.

Image of see the score of the issue immediately section on Issue Score page

Use the Provided

Key-Value Custom Fields 

With the help of Key-Value field, you can specify unique String-Number type custom fields. You can use this Key-Value pair customfield as an Issue Score parameter, or separately from the product.

Image of use the provided key-value custom fields section on Issue Score page

Easily Configure

your Score 

With the help of Issue Score field, you can specify a formula to calculate a score value based on other fields’ values. The results of the calculation can be divided into ranges. You can display the result numbers in different ranges with a different color on the Issue page.

Image of easily configure your score section on Issue Score page

Build a Product Pipeline 

Prioritize issues in your backlog based on your scores and plan your next release with maximum value.

Image of build a product pipeline section on Issue Score page

Measure and Analyze

the Value You Deliver 

Add gadgets to your dashboard to measure and analyze how much value you deliver with each release.

Image of measure and analyze the value you deliver section on Issue Score page

You are in the right hands! 

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