License Optimizer 

License Optimizer for Jira Server provides a floating license strategy based on user session activity measurements.
Stop paying for unused slots or inactive users! Let it manage your Jira Application Access group automatically for you, so you can purchase and use the license tier that is the most suitable for your organization.

License Optimizer is available for Jira Server and Data Center.

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The License Optimizer for Jira APP is awesome! It really delivers what it promises in the Jira Software Data Center version! We went through a license reduction here in the company from 3000 to 2000 users and we bought the APP to optimize the license, with that we were able to enable 2300 users the APP allows the parameterization of inactivity and here we set it to 30 minutes of session, so the license is available in this period for another user we never have 2000 users logged in simultaneously! The documentation and video are very didactic and we were able to perform the configuration smoothly. We had no problems with access and slowness with users. Congratulations on this amazing license optimization solution.

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Monitor your

License Usage 

With the help of our free License Monitoring app, you will be able to monitor and keep track of your Jira Core, Software and Service Desk usage. The app will check the maximum and the average number of users for a time interval and gives license tier suggestions based on the recorded data.

Pay Only for the

Active Users 

The user tiers for Atlassian products are very strict and the ranges are too big between them. To solve this problem we created an app that is called License Optimizer. It creates a floating license strategy based on user session activity statistics. Why would you pay for a 2000 User tier when your organization has only 600 employees and the maximum active users at once was 300 in the last 90 days? This app will help you to fit in a 500Users license tiers and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Image of the Pay Only ofr the Active Users section on the License Optimizer page

A workaround for

Server Tier Changes 

As Atlassian rolls out support for its Server platform by 2024, and the deadline for up-or downgrading user tiers is by February 2022, companies remaining on Server will need a solution to keep their user tiers aligned with their company size. This solution is the License Optimizer, making upward mobility available to you for another few years.

How it Works 

License Optimizer will constantly check the user activity. If a user becomes inactive after a period of time the app will revoke the access permission until the next activity, clearing space and giving the option to other users in your instance touse it. Everything happens automatically in real-time! This way the users won’t experience any waiting.

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