Timetracker for JIRA provides powerful reporting options to help you analyze your team’s work.
This app also provides an easy and fast solution for effective daily time tracking.
Available for Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud.

Easy Time Tracking 

Timetracker greatly improves the way you can log work in Jira. Now, you can manage worklogs on a highly customizable, separate screen designed for time tracking.

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Calendar view 

Worklog Calendar in Timetracker enables users to view, create and manage worklogs easily on a calendar canvas. Users can manage work on daily, weekly and monthly calendar views.

Image of calendar view section on Timetracker page

Cost Control 

Define hourly cost rates for each Jira user or configure a default rate in Timetracker. On the reporting you can view the cost of each worklog or the total cost of the query, project,issue, user.

Image of controlling section on Timetracker page

Fast and Powerful

Worklog Reporting 

Create reports in Timetracker with multiple search criteria or one of your favorite filters and view every work-log related to the users and additional information about the projects and the issues.

Image of fast and powerful worklog reporter section on Timetracker page

Timetracker Timesheet 

Timetracker Timesheet Report provides a timesheet view of the worklogs in a structured form, summarized by Project, Issue and User. You can drill down on each level simply clicking on the rows on the left side of the table.

Image of timesheet section on Timetracker page

You are in the right hands! 

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